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Ευκαιρίες απασχόλησης

Software Developer / Coding Poet

Location: Thessaloniki

Job Description


We are seeking a software developer for web or mobile applications. Junior to senior level candidates will be preferred, based on their experience. Entry-level developers are also welcome, and will be evaluated for expanding our core development team.

Your tasks may include: optimizing edge-computing services (web-based) or developing mobile applications for industrial/commercial mobile devices (Android, iOS or WinCE).

Apply now to join our engineering team and participate in exciting projects & industrial applications!

Send us an email presenting yourself in whatever form you think suitable.

Required Skills


  • Cross-platform mindset
  • High perception level
  • Easy I/O interfacing with colleagues
  • PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Visual Studio .net C#

Additional skills (nice to have)

  • Previous work portfolio
  • REST web-services (how to consume an API and work with JSON)
  • Native Mobile App Frameworks (e.g. Xamarin, React Native, NativeScript)
  • NodeJS / Electron
  • Git version control (e.g. Github, Gitlab)
  • Basic LAMP stack administration
  • Linux cross-platform toolchains
  • Degree in IT (Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering)
  • Debugging in your sleep

Why Choose Us


  • competitive salary
  • stable long-term contract
  • see your code in action, performing in real-world IoT applications and cyber-physical systems (CPS)
  • flexible work hours if you prefer (get the job done)
  • gain significant experience with cutting-edge digital technologies