RFID readers

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Fixed Readers

Fixed RFID readers are usually used in portals or any other stationary application, in which tags can be identified as passing through a fixed reading point. Most industrial-grade RFID readers support up to 4 external antennas (this can be further increased by using RF multiplexers), and provide connectivity to local networks through an embedded Ethernet port.

Kathrein RRU4 Series

IP65 / 4-port 2W UHF Gen2 / Embedded Linux / Ethernet / M12 industrial-grade

Kathrein ERU Series

Low-cost indoor / 4-port 1W UHF Gen2 / Ethernet & USB connectivity

Thingmagic M6

4-port 1.4W UHF Gen2 / Embedded Linux (MercuryOS) / PoE or WiFi connectivity out-of-the-box

Thingmagic Vega IVR

3-port 1W UHF Gen2 / Rugged in-vehicle operation / Serial connectivity

Integrated Readers

Integrated readers are a special subset of fixed readers, incorporating RFID reader circuitry with an integrated antenna in the same device. This configuration offers a more simplified way of installing the reader in applications which do not require more than one antenna. With PoE capabilities (power-over-ethernet), the reader now only requires a single-wire installation in your infrastructure.

Kathrein ARU4 Series

Integrated 8.5dBic wide-range antenna / IP65 / 3-port 2W UHF Gen2 / Embedded Linux / Ethernet / M12 industrial-grade

Kathrein M-ARU Series

Integrated 2.5dBic mid-range antenna / +24.25dBm ERP UHF Gen2 / PoE & RS232 connectivity

Thingmagic Astra-EX

Integrated 8.5dBic antenna / 1-port +31.5dBm UHF Gen2 / Embedded Linux (MercuryOS) / PoE or WiFi connectivity out-of-the-box

Handheld & Desktop Readers

Handheld readers are available as industrial mobile terminals or PDAs with an integrated RFID reader & antenna. They come with a variety of additional optional features (e.g. 1D or 2D barcode scanner, digital camera, GPS receiver), and connectivity options i.e. bluetooth, WLAN, USB. Handheld RFID readers are a perfect way for your workforce to scan RFID tags on the field.

Desktop readers can enhance desktop computers with RFID capabilities through a USB port. They usually have a much smaller form-factor (e.g. dongle-type) and are a very cost-effective solution for integrating simple short-range RFID operations into your desktop application. Typical applications include the commissioning of RFID tags, check-in/check-out in desktop operations or point-of-sale (POS).

Handheld / Mobile Terminals

Desktop USB readers

What kind of reader is suitable for your RFID application ?