RFID Software

Indicative software components for RFID applications

Our experienced developers’ team has implemented a variety of application-specific software packages, mainly for integrating RFID equipment and/or sensors to back-end databases or other existing third-party applications. Our core expertise involves application or firmware development for different types of platforms, depending on the customer’s requirements. Please take a look below for some indicative examples:

Mobile Application Development

PDAs and hand-held devices with embedded RFID reader

Embedded Linux
RFID Daemons

built for readers with embedded ARM-based Linux engine

RFID data portals

Web-portals for RFID data-acquisition and processing

.net Applications

Middleware applications for commissioning or bridging data to back-end systems

Windows CE/Mobile

Applications for RFID PDAs &
hand-held terminals

Embedded Linux

C/C++ middleware for RFID readers with embedded ARM-based Linux platform

Firmware customizations

Low-level application firmware for custom hardware

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