Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI)

using UHF RFID technology

Long-range UHF RFID technology is used for Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI), combining exceptional reliability with unparalleled automation features and low cost.

How it works

AVI-Track uses low-cost passive transponders (e.g. windshield adhesive labels / rearview mirror hang-tags and/or user cards), that are remotely identified by fixed readers. The unique tag ID is processed and access is accordingly granted or denied, whereas the event is registered for further analysis and/or reporting.


AVI-Track enables:

fully automated tracking of vehicle / driver,
free-flow AVI or barrier/gate access-control,
unattended access control (24/7),
           clients and other partners,,
           based on vehicle and/or driver ID,
           based on time-window or seasonal requirements,
secure, reliable and fast access,
events history & reporting,
remote manual gate control (Android / Web App),
identification using low-cost passive transponders.

Who can benefit

Airports, seaports, train and bus stations
Car rental facilities
Commercial parking spaces
Transportation warehouses and logistics
Companies requiring unattended access control (e.g. overnight)