Jewel & Eyewear Tracking

using UHF RFID technology

RFID is not limited in industrial applications. In fact, it is successfully applied in areas that stand out for their elegance and high standards of aesthetics. Some of them are the jewelry and eyewear stores that can benefit from the application of JewelTrack.

How it works

JewelTrack utilizes UHF RFID technology that outstands for its exceptional accuracy, speed and read range. These features make it an ideal solution for inventory management. The solution incorporates mobile devices and can be extended to include smart pads and portals, enhancing customer experience and product security.


Fast and easy inventory
Identification of missing or misplaced products
Better services related to customer experience
Enhanced security


Designed to keep up with the highest standards of aesthetics
ERP integration or standalone application

Who can benefit

Jewelry stores
Eyewear & optical stores