Textile & Linen Management

using UHF RFID technology

Modern hospitality services is a very demanding sector. In the international competitive environment hospitality professionals struggle to effectively combine internal processes with best guest experience.

From bed linen and towels, to tablecloths and uniforms, every hotel has to manage thousands of textiles on an annual basis, in the most efficient and cost-effective way. In addition, these items are directly related to the quality of the provided services and form an important factor for the positive assessment of the accommodation.

Long-rage RFID technology is one of the best international practices, increasingly adopted in the hospitality sector as a unique tool for achieving these goals.

How it works

RFID EdgeBox@Textile utilizes modern radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to automate textile monitoring throughout its lifecycle, providing visibility in key nodes of the laundry chain, including hotels, hospitals, industrial laundries etc.

Each item is tagged with a specially designed RFID transponder, resistant to all steps of the washing process that enables RFID antennas to remotely identify its unique electronic code at any point of the process.

Counting hundreds of textile items is thus feasible in just a few seconds, with supreme accuracy, allowing the central database to be automatically updated during dispatch or receipt. In this way, the system provides real-time inventory information, as well as reports of the actual location, usage history and number of washes, enabling actual lifecycle assessment for each item. Even tagging a limited number of textile items can provide useful data, indicative of their use.

Who can benefit

Hotels & Resorts
Industrial Laundries
Linen Rental/Leasing Companies
Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
Cruise Liners or Passenger Ships
Catering Service Providers

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