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Getting Started


If you are interested in implementing your own RFID project but seems difficult to find the right hardware components, we would advise you to get started by selecting the right team. An experienced RFID integrator can save you a significant amount of capital from your investment, as well as valuable time spent on market research and on selecting hardware vendors.

Contact us now with a brief introduction about your requirements and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss how you can utilize RFID technology in your enterprise to optimize operational processes and maximize your benefit from investing in this technology.

Our company offers a variety of services that will help you better understand what are the necessary steps and increase your confidence in RFID technology.

The path for achieving faster ROI can be guaranteed

by our committed & expert RFID team.



One of the first steps is to actually see RFID technology in action. Our company can prepare a demonstration for your executives, showcasing state-of-the-art RFID components (e.g. tags, readers, hand-held terminals). Your team can have a tangible experience about how things look like and all about RFID principle of operation.

Just call us to check availability and arrange a meeting !


In case you already have done some prep-work about the technology, and you have positive indications about a possible RFID implementation in your enterprise, you can simply move to the next important step and ask for a free Site-Survey.

One of our expert RFID engineers will visit your facilities to perform a survey and pinpoint potential advantages or disadvantages at the actual site of interest. The outcome will include a brief report with documented results, confirming the most appropriate implementation plan, followed by a draft quote for budgetary reference.

Project Roll-out


Full project roll-out is undertaken by following a step-by-step methodology that is carefully designed in close collaboration between our company experts and the RFID project manager appointed by your executive team. These next steps are recommended to ensure that the project will be successfully implemented according to schedule and the technology will be seamlessly integrated into your business processes:

Feasibility Study


Project Rollout Planning

Full-Rollout Cost Refinement (rev.1)

Small-scale pilot deployment

Full-Rollout Cost Refinement (rev.2)

Full Rollout
Full-scale project deployment in production

Identification, setup & monitoring of KPIs

RFID System Training
RFID Fundamentals

System Administrator’s workshop

User’s workshop

Maintenance & Support
Regular maintenance contract

Technical support contract